Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Health Care

Answers to our most common inquiries.

We understand choosing a senior living community is a big decision. It’s our aim to be a helpful resource, wherever you are on your senior living journey. To guide you, we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our community.

Of course, we’re always available to answer your questions. Call 931-279-7931 or connect with us using the form on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply complete the contact form on this page or call us at 931-279-7931 to learn more about The Reserve at Spring Hill. We can schedule a virtual or in-person tour at the time that works best for you.

If you are a Medicare recipient and have a 3-day qualifying stay in the hospital, Medicare will pay the first 20 days at 100%. Days 21-100 are covered at 80% with a 20% copayment to be covered by a supplemental insurance policy or private funds. *Please note that Medicare coverage is based on medical necessity and/or progression in therapy services.

If you have commercial insurance or a Medicare Replacement/Advantage plan, we must verify benefits and, many times, obtain a pre-authorization. Please speak to someone in our Admissions or Business Office for any questions that you may have regarding your coverage.

If someone is not eligible for coverage under insurance, the cost of the stay would need to be covered by private pay funds. For questions about this, please speak to someone in our Admissions or Business Office.

Upon admission, initial paperwork will be filled out and many questions that you may have will be addressed at that time. Within 72 hours of admission, a meeting will be conducted. This meeting will be attended by members of our Interdisciplinary Team consisting of representatives from Nursing, Therapy, Dietary, Activities, and Social Services. At this time, they will communicate the anticipated plan of care for the resident and educate you on their roles in care.

We suggest 5-7 days worth of seasonally appropriate clothing including loose-fitting tops, pants/shorts, undergarments, non-skid socks, nightgowns/pajamas, a pair of slippers, and a pair of walking shoes. We also suggest bringing at least one lightweight jacket or sweater. Personal items such as pictures are welcome; however, we encourage you to keep anything of great monetary value at home. We also suggest bringing dentures, hearing aids and eyeglasses.

We offer a variety of activities that cater to multiple levels of resident abilities. We take pride in our activities programs for our commitment to providing quality, meaningful daily and special activities for our residents in group settings and on a one-on-one basis. Please see the activities director for a current activities calendar.

Yes, our facility offers nondenominational and special services on Sundays and throughout the week. Please see the activities director for a current activities calendar.

To accommodate the schedules of our residents’ families, our visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Our goal is to accommodate the visiting preferences of our residents and families, so if you need to visit outside of these times, please let us know.

While we don’t allow pets to live in the community, we recognize the therapeutic benefits of pets and welcome their visits to The Reserve. Visiting pets are allowed in common areas and resident rooms. However, they aren’t allowed in the dining room. Owners are asked to provide updated immunization records of their pets and must keep them on a leash at all times.

In the skilled nursing center, if a resident is medically stable, then, yes, we encourage outings with families and friends. Keep in mind that our short-term residents are here for rehabilitation and nursing services, so outings should not disrupt therapy sessions or specialized nursing treatments. We encourage you to limit outings to no more than four hours due to medication administration and treatment schedules. When you’re taking a loved one out, you must notify their nurse and sign them out at the Nurse’s Station. You’ll also have to sign them back in upon your return. This ensures an accurate head count for safety and continuity of care reasons.

Our assisted living residents are free to come and go from the center as they like.

The State Department of Health has baseline standards to regulate our staffing. This ratio varies based on the facility’s census, as well as the amount and type of care needed by each resident.

The amount of therapy a resident receives is based on their specific clinical needs. Based on our professional assessments, we design a plan that is right for each resident. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are available daily.

Based on initial evaluations and weekly progress reports, our interdisciplinary team that includes Nursing, Therapy, Dietary, Activities and Social Services will work to determine discharge goals. As discharge nears, Social Services will assist with all discharge planning needs, including home health services and specialty equipment as prescribed.

Some residents will choose to discharge to The Reserve at Spring Hill assisted living community to receive assistance with activities of daily living.